How to Achieve Wasp Waist?

Is there any surgery to increase hip size like implants, etc? Will butt implants full the top middle and bottom of the butt? I want a wasp waist (as in the way a woman looks wearing a corset. A v shape the waist comes in small and wide hips...hourglass). Should I get rib removal? 

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Wasp waist??

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This is a term I have never heard but I am sure it cannot be achieved.  Your underlying musculoskeletal frame will limit the shape changes you can achieve.  It would be risky and most likely not productive to remove a rib for cosmetic purposes. 

Waist and buttocl implants

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Buttock implants will give fullness in the middle to lower third of th buttocks.  I know of no surgeon removing ribs to give the waist a narrower appearance.  The underlying skeletal structure such as the pelvic bones will limit your waist narrowing.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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