Treatment for High Hairline and Big Forehead?

I have a square-shaped face and my hairline is a bit backwards. It makes my forehead look big. I'm really conscious about it and is there anyway to reduce it? I live in Singapore and don't mind going overseas for treatment. Thanks.

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Brow lift with hairline incision will correct high forehead.


1) It sounds like you need a brow lift done though a hairline incision. This lowers the hairline and shortens the forehead.

2) If the hairline incision is sharply bevelled and hair follicles are left in the edges (as described by Dr. Camirand of Canada), then hair grows through the scar and the scar is almost invisible.

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Correction of high forehead

It is possible in some cases to perform a forehead lift that is hair sparing.

By their nature, forehead lifts done above the hairline move it further backward. This includes endoscopic lifts, temporal lifts performed above the hairline and coronal lifts in my opinion.

It is possible to perform a reverse browlift, a technique that involves considerable skill in avoiding the important frontal branch of the facial nerve (which gives nerve supply to the forehead muscles)., as well as the deep supraorbital nerve branches that give sensation to the top of the head

Patients should also consider skillful micrograft transplantation to visually lower the hairline as an option, not just forehead / reverse forehead lifts.

Especially challenging are revision cases where the brows are too high, especially the central brow, or there is asymmetry in lateral brow elevation after aggressive, asymmetric brow procedures. There, a delicate balance between protecting vital structures and achieving greater symmetry is possible.

In patients who need additional (or first time) brow elevation, there are several options that can simultaneously lower the hairline and raise the brows that may avoid the telltale zigzag scar at the front of the hairline. Artistic interpretation of brow position is very important and varies from doctor to doctor. There is no one universal standard that can be measured.

Some of the options are discussed in our book chapter in the textbook Mathes on forehead lifts and midface lifts.

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Treatment for high hairline and big forehead?

Hi Worriedd,

If you do not mind having a permanent scar transversely just behind the hairline (and numbness of the scalp behind it), a REVERSE forehead lift, will pull your hair foreward and reduce the height of the forehead nicely. With many skilled Plastic surgeons in Singapore I doubt you would have a hard time getting it done there.

I hope this was helpful.

Peter A Aldea, MD, FACS

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Reverse, hailine browlift

Yes, there is a method to lower the hairline and shorten the forehead. This usually requires an incision right at the hairline of the forehead so it becomes a trade-off between this scar that is usually quite imperceptible and the shortened forehead.

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The hairline lowering procedure

Pictures of your entire face with the hair pulled back would help determine if you are a candidate to improve your appearance with a hairline lowering operation.  Also the scalp and forehead have to a certain amount of laxity . If you are a good candidate we can lower the hairline 2-3 cm with a relatively simple one stage operation. I do about 4 of these each month but the patients have to be highly selected.

Also, 2 or 3 sessions of hair transplants can work for you.

Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
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