22 years old, what are my options to fix my hollow under-eye and dark circles and vein?

I am 22 and have hollow under eyes and dark circles also with a small vein. I think i developed the hollow under-eyes from late nights over a long period of time in which i tried to conceal everyday and from fiddling with that area i developed some dark circles and eventually a vein popped up. Sick of trying to hide this everyday it takes about an hour. Safest options to treat?

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Hollow lower lids and dark circles

This is a very difficult question to answer without at least a photograph.  In person evaluation would be even better.  A hollow under your eyes, called a tear trough deformity can be treated by an injectable, restylane, sitting in an examine room or possibly using your own fat in an operating room.  There may be an issue of extra skin as a contributing factor but, there is no way to make that determination site unseen. 

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