Why Do I Have Such Pronounced Wrinkles at 18?

I'm 18 and mid last year, I started to experience changes to my appearance. I suddenly developed prominent nasolabial folds, marionette lines, fine lines, lip wrinkles and crow's feet. I've been using a retinol around my eyes for the past four months, but nothing has changed. I have always looked young for my age. I'm healthy, a good weight, I've never smoked, I spend little time outside. My parents, despite being almost 60, look younger than their years. What is happening to my face?

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Wrinkles and Premature Aging at 18

Your case seems unusual, especially since you mentioned that you spend little time outside.Sun damage is the most important contributing factor to the signs of aging. Smoking would accelerate aging.  You appear to be experiencing signs of premature aging. There are congenital conditions that could result in premature aging chnages.  It would be helpful if you could send good pictures taken at different times enough to reveal interval changes. Also send photos of folded areas like the axilla and the flanks.  


You should consult your dermatologist and internist for evaluation to exclude internal causes for for the rapid changes you have observed

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Wrinkles at 18


Would you be able to send us photos? If you have one from last year and one new one that would be perfect. I do agree with Dr. Feldman that a change in weight can easily do this so you should check that. Also should get a good physical to make sure all is well and to review any medications that you might have taken

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Pronounced Wrinkles at 18

If these changes have occurred as suddenly as you have stated, you should see your internist to make sure there is no systemic reason for the change in your appearance.  In other words, you need a complete physical examination.  Another thing that can cause your appearance to change in the way you described is sudden weight loss so please make sure you are maintaining an adequate diet and leading a healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically.  

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