What Can I Do About Wrinkles on Cleavage Area?

I'm only 42 but I have 4 deep wrinkles right in my cleavage area which developed after I received Breast implants 10 years ago. I sleep on my side and I imagine this caused this (not from sun exposure). I recently had the cleavage lines injected with Juvaderm, but now look lumpy and more pronounced. What can I do to diminish the lines? Is a CO2 laser the best option? Please help, this really bothers me.

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Cleavage Wrinkles

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You can have the Juvederm removed with Hyaluronidase injections, this will eliminate the lumps. I suggest Thermage to diminish the lines and tighten the area.

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Tucson Ophthalmologist

Fractionated CO2 can help

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What you describe is a very common problem for many women in their 40's and beyond. It is often a result of prolonged sun exposure and recurrent movements over years.

It used to be that there weren't any safe and effective solutions for treating this area due to a concern for scarring or pigment changes. however, with the recent advances in laser technology, fractionated CO2 lasers can safely be used to treat the chest as well as the arms or other areas. Although, these lasers still can't be used at full energies used to resurface the face, they can be effective, especially when done as repeat treatments (usually 2-3).

The fractionated CO2 lasers ( Total Fx) do provide a significant improvement or softening of these lines and overall evening of the skin color and tone. Each treatment can be done with local anesthesia, requires about 20 minutes to treat the chest and then requires about 5-7 days to heal. healing consists of peeling and redness. Strict sun avoidance before and after treatments is a must.

Edgar Franklin Fincher, MD, PhD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

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