Anti-aging Cream - What Should I Look For?

How can I, as a consumer, know what I should be looking for in an anti-aging cream. I am 70 years old, my skin looks good, and would like it to continue to look good. Would you recommend some creams for mature skin? Anne

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Hi there- I understand what you would like to know- what ingredients and concentrations should you be looking for to help your skin look its best. Unfortunately, the best answer is to say that finding the right skin care regimen FOR YOU is a bit more complicated, because it would ideally involve visiting a qualified plastic surgeon or dermatologist and/or their para-medical aesthetician (skin care specialist) for a discussion of your skin history, lifestyle, and concerns/goals. This would be followed by an examination of your skin and finally a review of several options, with the pros and cons of each. You can see that without this careful evaluation, it is difficult if not impossible to responsibly make a recommendation for you. There are several fantastic lines our there (we carry 4 different lines in my office), but each may not be the best for any given patient, and there is often a bit of trial and error before you settle on the regimen that is most comfortable and effective for you. I would first find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist that you like and feel comfortable with, and review your goals with them. In the end, it's having open communication and a positive relationship with a qualified professional that will give you the best odds of achieving your goals.

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