Can Working out Aggravate or Increase Acne?

I started working out and I am just concerned if it will aggravate my acne. I have very oily skin as it is and prone to breakouts. Will my hormone levels or oil production increase due to a working out? Any expert advice will help so much. Thank you.

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Does working out flare acne?

"Working out" per se does not cause acne. Acne is a complex condition that is not caused by by exercise. There is a common misperception that sweating causes Acne. Again, sweating wont "cause" acne .

There are hormonal causes of acne and often times acne will respond to hormonal therapy. There are also genetic causes of acne.

Washing the face after exercise is a good habit but wont protect against having Acne. Over washing the face with harsh soaps can irritate the skin and flare acne.

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