I need a way to rid of my severe body acne scars on my waist and especially on my buttocks. All options are welcome. (photos)

Few years ago, I was obese & had VERY active Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS), aka acne inversa, primarily in between my thighs, all over my buttocks, and on both sides of my waist. Since then, I have lost 200lbs in a year '14-'15. That having been said, the HS is now dormant and I only get minor breakouts around my monthly or when I'm stressed. I am RIDDEN by hideous purple and white scars all over my waist and A TON of deep white scarring on my buttocks. Will attach buttocks photos if necessary.

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Laser and microneedling

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Hi Alessandra, You can consider microneedling and laser.  The combination may improve the appearance of these scars, though it will take a number of treatments to get where you want.  Remember, nothing is perfect at getting rid of scars, but we can hopefully make them less noticeable.

Best of luck!

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Acne Scars on Body

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The best combination would be V-Beam for the red scars combined with eMatrix for the white scars.  It will take several sessions of each to help fix this situation but it is totally treatable with time.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

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