Ethnic Skin Care Tips

 Lots of skin care information is for white tone only. What are tips for having great skin if a person has a darker skin tone?

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Give ethnic skin TLC

Give darker skin some TLC by using these skin-friendly tips:

  • Sunscreen is still necessary for ethnic skin and is a must to maintain a more even skin tone.
  • Many people with darker skin are also on medications for high blood pressure, diabetes, etc., which make their skin more sun-sensitive.
  • People with brown skin age very gracefully but will develop dark marks from any type of irritation, so be kind and gentle to dark skin.
  • Cocoa butter should not be used on your face after you are 15. It is too greasy and may cause acne. It can be a great moisturizer for dry winter skin on the body but is too occlusive for the face.

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