How Often Does Weight Loss Surgery Reverse Diabetes, and by How Much?

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Diabetes and Bariatric surgery

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In general terms, any means of weight loss will improve type 2 diabetes. Bypass surgery is associated with an 80% improvement in Type 2 diabetes within 4 days ! This is well documented in the literature and is a good reason to consider the bypass. There are existent on going trials where non-obese type 2 Diabetics are being treated with the bypass. Other operations such as the sleeve will result in long term improvement.

Houston Bariatric Surgeon

Diabetes and weight loss surgery

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The gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy produce hormonal changes that can effectively cure type II diabetes the day of surgery.  About 90% of diabetics are cured this way.  Diabetics who have suffered more then 10 years or who have progressed to insulin therapy have a somewhat lower cure rate.  The Lap Band cures diabetes only through weight loss, which obviously takes longer.  Overall, around half of diabetics are cured this way with the Lap Band.

David Thoman, MD
Santa Barbara Bariatric Surgeon

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