Recommendations for Atlanta Dermatologist Specializing in Vitiligo?

My 11 year old son has been diagosed with Vitiligo since he was 5. He had a small white spot in his left eyebrow. We have tried the topical creams, Protopic, Steroids, and such. It was under control until the last 6 months. Now it encompasses his entire left eye and is working it's way down his left cheek.

Can anyone recommend to me a dermatologist in Atlanta who specializes in Vitiligo treatment?

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XTRAC Laser has been successful for Vitiligo

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We have had great success using the XTRAC Laser to treat Vitiligo patients. We have many high profile clients and local celebrities with vitiligo that we have treated with this procedure. Many of them have tried everything else, and are relieved to have found a treatment that finally works. 

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