Significant Value in Using Vitamin C Products?

Is there a significant value in using Vit C serum products? If so, is the effectiveness based on age or skin type?

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Vitamin C against skin aging

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There is some benefit of using Vitamin C, as it catches free radicals and thus protects your skin. There is much more effect of using sun screen and stay smoke free.

Mainz Dermatologic Surgeon

Yes, vitamin C is good for the skin

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I find vitamin C products beneficial to the skin.  It is a nice ingredient to use to prevent sun damage and aging.  Depending on the strength and the product, vitamin C can help protect your DNA from sun damage, especially when combined with other antioxiadants, such as green tea, ferulic acid and vitamin E.  There is no age recommendation for topical vitamin C.  It is helpful for any age or skin type, from light skin to dark skin.  It is felt that applying vitamin C to the skin will increase the concentration of vitamin C in the skin moreso than taking a vitamin C pill.  Vitamin C is needed to make collagen as well.  Vitmain C serums and creams and other topical antioxidants are wonderful to use and will help reverse and prevent sun damage and aging.  Go for it!

Lisa Benest, MD
Burbank Dermatologist

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