Vaser High Definition After Smart Lipo MPX?

I recentley had my full abdomen and flanks done with Smart Lipo MPX. It has been 2 weeks and I haven't achieved any of the results I expected. I actually feel more swollen. I would like to get Vaser High Definition because I heard it gives you more definition. Is it safe for me to have Vaser done now or should I wait and for how long? Will it make a difference?

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It will take at least one month to see 90+ % of your results after SmartLipo MPX

You need to be patient to see the final results of your SmartLipo MPX treatment.  It may me more difficult to do Vaser High Definition treatment following SmartLipo MPX  depending on how aggressively the fat was treated with the laser.  You could have some dermal fibrosis or scarring in the fat that could make a secondary procedure more difficult.  Check back the the doctor who did your procedure to get his/her recommendations.  If he/she is an expert with lots of experience, he/she will know what to do for you.

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Time Will Tell

In my experience, most patients still have some degree of swelling (edema) 2 weeks following SMARTLIPO MPX treatment. I advise my patients that they will see some definition after 2 weeks, but the final outcome takes at least 6 months. The factors that determine the outcome of the surgery are:

1. Skin Elasticity (recoil of the skin): Previous weight gain/loss and pregnancies are negative factors

2. Body Mass Index (BMI): Greater than 30 =Poor Outcome

3. Previous Liposuction (Traditional/Laser/Ultrasound)

4. Skill of the Operating Surgeon

That said, I do not recommend any revision Liposuction of any kind (SMARTLIPO/VASER) until you are at least 6 months following your treatment. The risk of a poor outcome is high until the tissues have healed.

BE PATIENT and compare your pre-operative photos with your appearance over time and if you are still not pleased with the outcome you may need to seek another opinion if your surgeon is not helpful.

Christopher D. Prevel, MD (retired)
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Smart lipo isn't magic

The heavy marketing of Smart lipo has led many patients down the road that ends in a collision called "expectation mismatch." While it is still early, in my experience at 2 weeks a liposuction patient who is going to be happy with their result will already be seeing changes they were expecting, or even more sometimes. About 80% of the final result is visible at one month.

Smart lipo has built patient expectations up to unrealistic levels about how it will cause the skin to shrink better than traditional lipo and how it is safe to lipo directly under the skin by its national marketing campaign. Also, the majority of doctors who use Smart lipo are not real plastic surgeons. At this point, since your procedure is done, I would wait a bit and see what you get. Don't throw good money after bad on more unproven technology. I do hope you get to a point where you are happy.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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It been only 2weeks and you still have swelling,wait.
Your results will depend more on your surgeons skills than the tools that he or she uses. Laser lipo works when it is done properly. A lot of non-plastic surgeons with no prior experience in liposuction ofer laser lipo and do not suction and remove the melted fat. For the right patient laser lipo is and tool to achive the results.I been doing laser lipo for the last year and getting great result but not all patient are candidate for laser lipo.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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