What's the best eye creams for wrinkles?

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Dear Alice:  There are thousands of eye creams out there for you to waste your money on, so this is an excellent question. These are the three most effective ingredients for the eyelids:
  • Retinol. The best #Retinol cream I have found is one that comes in three different strengths and contains 90% green tea polyphenols and reservatrol as well, thus correcting aging, laxity and sun damage while protecting you from further damage even if you forget to use sunscreen and reducing dark circles and puffy eyes. It is called #SkinRevisionSerum.
  • Growth Factors. Growth factors will rev up your skin's fibroblasts to make all of the necessary connective tissue proteins to keep the skin taut and thick. The best products I have found are #RegenicaRevitalizingEyeCream and TNS Serum
  • #AlastinRestorativeSkinComplexWithTrihexTechnology. This serum is the only product available that contains a complex of ingredients that clear away old collagen that has been complexed with sugars (#AGEs) which cause the collagen to clump and the fibroblasts to shut down production. It also has been proven to increase elastic fibers as well as other connective tissues like collagen.
I do help this is helpful to you.  Dr. Clark

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