Best options for this facial scar on left cheek? No fillers, I only want permanent results (Photo)

I got this scar through an ingrown hair about two years ago, I have hated it ever since. Not a day has gone by where it hasn't played on my mind in some way. I am only 18 and it does effect my confidence a great deal. If I get the scar excised will any more damage be caused to the surrounding hair follicles? I have a very small bald spot in my beard from this scar and I don't want it to get any worse. I grow my beard to cover the scar because without it i am very conscious of the scar.

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Best options for permanent results on cheek scar

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I would say the best option you have for permanent improvement of the scar on your left cheek would be a scar revision.  This should not cause more damage to surrounding hair follicles.  In essence, you would be trading scars for one that is less noticeable than the one you have now.  In the ideal situation, you would be left with a flat, thin scar instead of the round, depressed scar that you have.   

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Indented scar on the cheek

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I would recommend a combination of Ematrix RF, fillers, Erbium laser, and fractional lasers to help smooth out your cheek scar. 
Best, Dr. KaramanoukianLos Angeles

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