Ugly Scar Around the Nose? (photo)

Dear Doctors, Is it possible to completely remove and/or make competely invisible scar around my nostril? Surgery was 30 days ago. When I can start work with my scar and what is the best methods to threat it and what to expect? Thank you.

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Alar - Nostril scars during rhinoplasty

Although these alar scars do fade, I would recommend a series of pulsed dye laser treatments starting in the postoperative period. 

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Time is your best friend. These scars should fade within the next six to nine months. Avoid sunlight

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
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Recent Nasal Scarring

Although I am a dermatologist now, I practiced otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery for 15 years.  It appears that the surgeon did an "open" rhinoplasty and/or made the need incisions to reduce your nostril size.  My advice is to have patience.  Avoid sun exposure and massage a few times a day firmly with cocoa butter with vitamin E cream.  A scar takes 12-18 months to look as good (or as bad) as it is eventually going to look.  I think that the results will be good without any intervention at this time.  Many times early intervention (lasers or scar revision) will lead to ultimately a less pleasing result.  That is from my 30 years of experience in dermatology and facial plastic surgery.

Dr. Jay Gottlieb

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