Can Tri Luma Be Used for Under Eye Dark Circles?

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There is no good treatment for dark circles under your eyes.

 This condition is typically due to years of chronic nasal allergy, and bleaching creams are not effective. I've been on the quest for a product to treat dark under eye circles; I don't think one exists.

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It is not a good idea to use Tri-Luma in this area. In fact, I instruct my patients to avoid putting Tri-luma near the eye. The skin in this region is thin and prone to irritation. Plus, the steroid in it may thin the skin even further and make your dark circles more apparent.

The main ingredient in the Tri-Luma formulation is hydroquinone which interferes with tyrosinase, an enzyme crucial to the production of melanin. Since the dark circles are only paritally due to pigment, ( the rest being the result of hemosiderin deposition and engorged blood vessels) hydroquinone would not be expected to be of much benefit.

Tri-Luma is a derivative of Kligman ( the 93 year old dermatologist who developed Retin A and Dove soap)'s formula for melasma. It contains Hydroquinoine, Retin A and a mild steroid.

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