What treatments can I have done to improve the smile lines I get under my eyes? (photo)

I'm 30 and have good skin but I have any area of concern under my eyes. When I smile, I get terrible wrinkling of the skin. It is causing permanant wrinkles under my eyes when I don't smile (I try not to smile as it makes me look 5 years older!) I have considered botox, but heard that under eyes is not noramlly a place that works well, as it can cause sagging. Would chemical peels or fillers be suitable for this area? I have attached a photo but the lines are actually more obvious than this.

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Lines under eyes

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You cannot eliminate all lines but you can subdue them 90%. Your best best is a chemical peel and Botox. A hands on exam is need to be sure of the plan but this is the correct direction. Fillers are for deficit areas only. Lines around the eyes do not respond to fillers very well. My Best, Dr C

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