Best Treatment for Depressed Acne Scarring on Cheeks?

Up until 18, had near perfect skin. Went through 2-3 years of moderate acne, some cystic. Now acne is not really the problem, but what's left behind is depressed scarring on my cheeks. I'd like to look into some sort of resurfacing treatment (lasers) to help my skin. Putting aside cost, recovery time/pain, which would be the best option? other info: Female, about 60/40 caucasian/asian mix (pulling more from white side), fair, combination type skin, few freckles -Thanks in advance

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Acne Scar Treatment

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Combination scar treatments works best. Your skin type and degree of scarring will determine the appropriate fractionated laser treatment and TCA-CROSS treatment. Bellafill (polymethylmethacrylate) filler is also helpful for the improvement of distensible rolling acne scars. (This filler is not recommended for those younger than 21) There is minimal downtime  with fillers and subscission while laser treatments may have 5-10 days of downtime depending on the energies used. Pain is not typical with any of these treatments.

Encinitas Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Combination Approach is Best for Acne Scarring

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I agree with Dr. Resnik that treatment needs to be individualized for each patient. Fractionated CO2 would be extremely effective. However, I do find most acne scar patients need a combination approach to help. CROSS-TCA is extremely effective for some of the smaller, more discrete ice pick scars, while laser would help blend the overall skin surface.

Adam J. Mamelak, MD
Austin Dermatologic Surgeon

The Palette Approach to Acne Scar Improvement

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The best approach for you (assessed from your photo) would be fractionated CO2 laser. You would need several sessions, but significant improvement can be expected. There are many other methods that can be employed to improve your skin, but they would be best picked after evaluation of your skin. Just remember, reasonable expectations are really important in any kind of cosmetic procedure.

Barry Resnik, MD
Miami Dermatologist

Depressed acne scars how to treat

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Your acne scars are not that deep. They are pretty close to the level of your skin. I would definitely first consider co2 laser resurfacing with some dermasanding / dermabrasion. You could also consider a multilayered approach that could further shock your skin to reconstruct anew.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

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