Best Treatment for Sebaceous Gland Acne Scars on Nose?

I have elevated acne scars on my nose that I am pretty sure come from sebaceous glands. They do not seem to go away. I have tried CO2 laser, TCA peels, microdermabrasian, dermarolling, and tazorac, but they seem to do nothing for these acne scars on my nose. Is there any treatment available for this kind of scar?

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Treatment of Elevated Acne Scars on the Nose

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Hi 5177.  In the picture you submitted, there looks to be a linear scar across the nose.  If this is what you are speaking about, it may be possible to revise this scar with more resurfacing treatments.  

There are many different types of resurfacing include CO2 and Erbium, traditional and fractional.  In the case of newer technologies, multiple treatments are required.  In our practice, we would perform several erbium laser resurfacing procedures for the area spaced at 4 weeks apart.  2-4 are recommended and the best results are seen 6 months after the final procedure.  Good luck.

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