What Treatment Would Help Mature Old White Scars?

I have scars over the length of my both of my arms from self injury as an adolescent. They are mature scars(approx. 15 years old)so they are white and of varying lengths and thicknesses. I have not tried to do much with them as I have been told there aren't very many treatments that would help.

At the moment I am trying a dermaroller but with little results.Would Dermabrasion work? Or perhaps a skin graft? I would like them to look more like an accident rather than self inflicted. melissa

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Resurfacing / skin treatments will improve scars but you can get even better results with excision and then resurfacing

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Dermabrasion, dermarolling, co2 laser resurfacing, chemical peels, and other resurfacing techniques can improve scars.  When I'm asked how much, I usually tell people in the lower percentage range, like 10-30%. To get even better results, a form of excision and then resurfacing can get you better results. I usually tell people when you do this stage approach you have the possibility of getting higher percentage improvement hopefully in the 50-70 to 80% range.  But this depends on many things including how a person heals, the techniques used to improve the scars, and the skill of the surgeon, etc. I have taken care of many of these self-induced scars.

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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