What is the Best Treatment for a Keloid Caused by a Chemical Burn?

i tried removing a tattoo on my upper arm about two years ago by using a chemical removal product.the chemical formed a large keloid along with scar tissue.ive tried over the counter scar creams like maderma and ive received injections from a doctor into the keloid but they caused tiny veins to rise inside the keloid so the doctor stopped the injections. any advice?

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Keloid scar treatment from chemicals, burns, and tattoo removal

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On your keloid scar, I would begin with a pulsed dye laser followed with pressure treatment and IIT. This combination will help treat your keloids.

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Tattoo keloid best treated by excision an steroid injections

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The best treatment approach is to do keloid scar excision with or without steroid injections as your first approach. Your original tattoo pattern may not be amenable to a one-stage excisional approach. But it can be done in stages and you can see how the results hold up by doing smaller areas of the tattoo keloid first. Whether steroid injections should be done before, during or after excision is a matter of debate. But the high rate of recurrence in keloids almost always mandates that the injections are a useful part of the treatment program.

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