Best Treatment for Dynamic Forehead Wrinkles?

I naturally raise my eyebrows when I speak, smile, and make facial gestures. I've read about the different products out there and before I go see a professional that may try to bamboozle me into buying the most expensive 'injectable', I'd like to determine the most cost effective method to treat forehead creases that only occur when I'm animated.. I DO NOT have forehead creases when I'm at rest.. THANKS IN ADVANCE

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Botox is the best treatment for forehead lines

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Botox is the best and most cost effective treatment for forehead lines.


Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon
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Dynamic wrinkles best treated with Botox

If dynamic wrinkles only are the concern for you, then Botox is the best and most cost-effective way to treat the upper face and forehead.  Fillers are an option in the forehead usually when you have deep static wrinkles.  Good luck!

Thomas T. Le, MD
Baltimore Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Treating dynamic forehead wrinkles

Wrinkles in the forehead during animation are called dynamic wrinkles. Unlike static wrinkles which are present all the time. WIth time dynamic wrinkles become static. The most simple and cost effectice treatment is Botox for those wrinkles. When the wrinkles are only present during animation smaller doses of botox are needed for the treatment. It helps to ask your provider if they are willing to give a rate per unit and not per area as you can save some money by using a smaller dose.

The key is to have the Botox given in certain areas that will not negatively affect the position of your eyebrows, If too much botox is given on the sides of the forehead your central eyebrows may be raised which gives patients a suprised look. No one usually like that look. Never be shy to ask what is the provider trying to achieve. Hope this is helpful.

Fadi Nukta, MD
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Botox will diminish forehead wrinkles on animation

Botox will diminish forehead wrinkles on animation. It is best to have some movement when being animated so the goal is to have a natural raising of eyebrows and forehead.

Edward Lack, MD
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