Treatment for Face (Burned by Steam and Hot Vegetable)?

My younger sister had an accident in kitchen on 31dec12.Her face was burned by steam and sabji(When she was trying to open the cooker).Her left side face,forehead and half of the right side of face is burned.She immediately washed her face with cold water and applied some toothpaste before going to the hospital.But i am worried that her face will be fine in future or not.What should we do to make her face as beautiful as she was.PLEASE suggest me some treatment or solutions no marks on her face.

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Lasers can help burn scars

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I am sorry to hear about this accident, as the poster below indicated, in the acute period after the burn you should seek care at a hospital with experience in caring for burn patients. Once the acute issues have improved, I would recommend you see a dermatologist with expertise in laser surgery. Lasers can help the improvement of burn scars but require a lot of experience and knowledge of lasers to perform these delicate types of laser surgery. 

Stamford Dermatologic Surgeon
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Contact a burn specialist

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You best bet at this point is to contact a hospital that specializes in burn injuries.  They will have the right information on the type of injuries your sister sustained. 

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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