Treatment for Under Eye Wrinkles (Age 21)?

I am 21 years old, but have wrinkles under my eyes that really bother me when I smile. When I am not smiling, they aren't too bad. I don't tan, smoke, or drink. I try and get plenty of sleep, moisturize and use an spf, but I still feel like they are way worse than they should be for my age. Is there anything I can do? What would you recommend? Botox? laser? cream?

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The darkness and sunken in appearance of your undereyes will do well with fillers.

Fillers such as restylane or diluted radiesse injected over 2-3 sessions a few days or week apart do very well for the dark sunken eyes at a cost of roughly $550-650.

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Restylane for under the eye

Hi, I agree with above. Restylane injection under the eye is the best treatment option for you. Injection in the tear trough area has a very high satisfaction rate among my patients.  Patients love the result.  Dr. Behnam.

Ben Behnam, MD
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Wrinkles Under the Eyes at 21?

Hi anon.  It seems that your hereditary facial anatomy has left you with a bit of excess tissue under the eyes.  While you are very young, we have had patients the same age opt for a procedure called the "tear trough" injection.

We use Restylane for the tear trough.  The Restylane is placed under the thin skin and muscle below the eye to create volume that helps to mask the wrinkling issue you are concerned about.  View the before and after pictures of Restylane injections below to get an idea of the possibilities.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
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