Can ReCell Make Scars Barely Visible?

I would like comments from plastic surgeons and dermatologists. Who have performed the ReCell procedure and how the procedure is done.

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Recell is not a scar treatment

Recell is a system that can harvest a patient's own cells (epidermis) and then spray them on a wound. This would be applicable for situations such as a burn or any larger open wound. This is not a 'cell system' for scars as it just applies epithelial cells. Scars are more full-thickness problems that involve the deeper dermis not just the epithelium. This system is currently not FDA-approved for use in the United States so there is no clinical experience here yet. But this is the wrong approach if one is looking at trying to improve established scars. You might consider looking at Acell which manufactures Matristem. This is a better approach to improving scar treatment outcomes. 

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