How to Prevent or Treat Acne While Outdoors?

What can I do to prevent or treat acne while backpacking or hiking when getting a shower or water isn't readily available?

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Medicated Pads

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Many effective medications, both OTC and prescriptions come in pads. My favorite prescription products that come in a pad form are Neo-Benz a Benzyl Peroxide), Rosula ( Sulfa-sulfur) Cleocin T and Clindareach ( Clindomycin), and T Stat pads ( Eerythromycin). You can ask our dermatologist for samples. The sample, say Differin or Retin A can be squirted onto the pad and applied that way. Use this at night and a Benzoyl Peroxide pad in the daytime. I would use it with the T Stat pads or Cleocin T pads since using it with the Benzoyl Peroxide pad might inactivate it.

You might take the TretinX kit which has a cleanser ( and moisturizer) in it, along with the tretinoin.

OTC I would find Oxy 5 pads or Stridex pads.

Enjoy your hiking

Virginia Beach Dermatologist

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