Travelling Abroad to the Tropics Before Vacation?

Im 69 years of age and am having reconstructive surgery to my knees in July. I need to travel abroad to India for 2-3 weeks, but will be returning 30 days before my surgery date. I have been to India many times before and always take the necessary precautions, such as vaccinations, E. Coli prophylaxis (Dukoral), and malaria prophylaxis (Malarone). I only drink boiled or bottled water while there. Is there any reason why I should delay going until after my surgery?

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Traveling before surgery

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I think 30 days is enough to notice any infection that could affect the outcome of your knee surgery . Since you've been in India before and never had any problems you will probably be safe this time too,  but of course , there is always the risk of getting sick and having to delay your procedure.  

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