I tried fraxel on my lower half face, the fraxel made my scars worse. How Do I Treat my Acne Scars? (photo)

I suffer from acne scars, I tried fraxel on my lower half face, the fraxel made my scars worse and developed scars I had never seen before, i had only ice pick scars and ended up with more ice pick scars and holes and boxar scars which I never had before as well as facial fat loss. I then got juviderm injected into some of the scars but now left me lumpy looking like i have active acne. My scars are deeper than my pictures appear. What solutions do I have? Willing to travel anywhere for help.

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The options you have for your acne scars are Laser treatment, as Profractional laser or even a mini face lift to stretch out the skin and get rid of the scars. Fillers are not long lasting results. You should look into laser. Good luck


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Acne scars can respond better to Fractional CO2 Laser than other treatments

The type of scars that you have usually respond nicely to treatment with a Fractional CO2 laser.  This is different than the Fraxel laser, and can address ice pick scars nicely. Fractional CO2 lasers use a different type of energy than the Fraxel, which actually breaks the skin's surface, to provide a more dramatic improvement.  Some improvement can be seen as early as one week after the first treatment, but dramatic improvement continues to develop for months following the treatment.  A technique called F.A.S.T. (focal acne scar treatment) may be appropriate for your skin, as it uses very high energy levels to treat only the areas of scarring, while the healthy, unscarred areas of your skin are left untreated. 

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Acne scars

it would certainly be unusual for you to have worse scars after Fraxel laser.  One option you should consider is a CROSS chemical peel.  With your skin type and with the ice-pick type of scars you should respond quite nicely.  More than one treatment is necessary however but the down time is minimal.  I hope this helps.

Peter J. Jenkin, MD, FAAD
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