Are these scars from ELOS Photofacial permanent? (photo)

I went for a photofacial yesterday but they said they couldn't do it because I have an "active tan". She did a test spot on my chest and said we couldn't do anymore. It burned after like I had touched it to a hot stove. It was super red, and the shape of the elos laser head. Now I have 2 spots on my chest that are kinda red but mostly brownish. They aren't raised at all. Should I expect scabbing? How long does it take to heal? Once I continue the treatment, will the PF heal THESE scars it made?

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Burns from IPL on chest

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Well, I'm glad your technician tested you and said she could not continue. You can tell from this site how many people do not do this and go on to burn people. You should not be doing IPL/Photofacial if you tan - that's just wasting your money - and it's very dangerous, as you see, because you can burn. You shouldn't expect scabbing. It doesn't look that bad. Apply some hydrocortisone to the area frequently after cool water. Make sure to keep the area out of the sun - wear sunscreen - and do not tan! When you decide not to go in the sun and tan, and return for your treatment, this should be gone. It will take some time, but it will resolve.

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