Have really bad lower & upper abdominal bloating/tightness with the smallest amounts of food and/or liquid. What could it be?

A year ago, I was diagnosed with gastritis with an EGD. I've been taking omeprazole magnesium ever since. Last week I finished taking minocycline. The bloating started when I stopped the antibiotics. I've also had my gallbladder taken out. It seems that with even the smallest amount of food or liquid I get really full almost instantly. The bloating/tightness is mostly around my diaphragm. I also have the same feeling in my lower abdomen if I try and eat too much, which is usually a small amount.

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Abdominal issues

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It is very difficult to recommend specific treatments, but it sounds as if you may have a condition called gastroparesis. I would recommend that you schedule an appt with your gastroenterologist for a full evaluation.

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