How to Thicken and Tone Deeply Stretch Marked Skin?

Hello! I was left with a TON of stretch marks from pregnancy. My problem is that they are mostly on my sides, ribcage and lower back. I have maybe 2 or 3 on my abdomen, and none under my belly button. I have seen 2 surgeons that say excision is not an option for me.

The marks are deep and the skin inside marks is very thin and crepey. My question- is there anything I can do to tone, thicken and smooth the skin inside the marks enough to be tattooed over?

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Stretch Marks on rib cage and sides

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Unfortunately stretch marks cannot be removed by any non-surgical method. The only way they can be removed is through surgery. Stretch marks are caused because the skin is stretched beyond its capacity to recoil. Its like a rubber band that is over stretched and can never regain its original shortened length. Any laser that claims to tighten skin has not addressed the basic physiologic problem which is a dermis that is overstretched. The laser will however help the coloration but the stretch marks themselves will persist. You have to ask yourself if the goal is stretch mark removal or if its the discoloration that bothers you. Visit with a plastic surgeon.

No Solution for Stretch Marks

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Unfortunately, a stretch mark is much MORE than a mark - it is a full thickness crack in the skin which is filled with scar tissue. As such it cannot be shaved off (unless one is dumb enough to cause the skin a full-thickness injury which, under the best of circumstances, would heal with another, potentially worse scar).

I think tattooing scars is NOT a good idea because it makes them MORE noticeable. Furthermore, such tattoos are not accepted in all segments of society and may become a major impediment later on in life.

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Stretch marks that can't be excised

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 Unfortunately, you have no options worth spending your hard earned money on.  There is nothing you can do for stretch marks other than excising them as in a tummy tuck and from your description that wouldn't help your situation.  No lasers or anything else works significantly.

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