Is There An Acne Scar Treatment Dark Skin? (photo)

I went to a dermatologist to see if there is any type of acne scar treatment that will help maybe reduce the scars or completely get rid of them. However the dermatologist I went to see told me there is no treatment for the type of scars (shown in the picture) that I have. I was told that my skin is too dark to even consider laser acne scar removal. So I'm here to ask if there is any kind of scar treatment that reduces my scars and or gets rid of them? Help me Realself community. Thanks

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Acne Scar Treatments for Dark Skin

Hi Rahip.  Whoever you went to does not know a lot about laser treatments.  Fractional laser resurfacing would be a great option for you.  While there is a chance of temporary hyperpigmentation (darkening) for darker skin types, it is worth it for most patients given the potential results for acne scarring.  Check into CO2 or Erbium fractional laser resurfacing in your area.

If darkening does occur, hydroquinone can be used to lighten it.

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Permanent Acne Scar Treatment for Dark Skin Type

Thank you for sharing your photos.  The type of atrophic (pitted) acne scars that you have on your cheek should respond very well to laser resurfacing treatments, such as the Fractional CO2 laser or Fraxel laser, which stimulate healthy collagen to smooth out the pitted skin.  Since your own collagen is being stimulated, the results are permanent.  Fractional resurfacing lasers are safe on all skin types, including darker skin types.  We recommend pretreating with hydroquinone and continuing hydroquinone cream after your treatment, to both prevent and lighten any temporary discoloration on the skin.

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Re: Acne Scar Treatment For Dark Skin

One of the options you may want to consider is Fraxel Dual which can help even out acne scars in patients of all skin tones. It is important to understand that acne scar tissue is made of collagen fibers that have been produced in thick bundles. Our skin will produce normal forms of collagen in response to an injury. Fraxel Dual uses laser energy which converts to heat in your skin. This heat activates the process of producing collagen.

The new collagen will fill in the depressions of acne scars so that they don’t look as deep.

The reason Fraxel Dual is safe for all skin tones is because of the nature of its wavelengths. (1550nm and 1927nm) They are not easily absorbed by the melanin which colors your skin. Therefore there is less risk of overheating and scarring.



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