Are there any treatments available to remove or reduce an unsightly scalp skin graft scar? (photos)

I went to a plastic surgeon for treatment of 2 seborrheic keratoses. As a precaution he cut them out in case they become cancerous down the track. I was unaware the scar would be so large, depressed and unsightly. Are there any treatments available to remove or reduce the unsightly scar? Will it still look strange and lopsided after treatment because of the rearrangement of my hairline The scar is just over 5cm long and ranges in width from 1.6cm to 2.6cm.

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Unsightly scar f scalp after skin grafting

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What is causing the problem?
1. Loss of volume due to full thickness scalp excision
2. Different quality of the grafted skin

1. Tissue expansions: Silicon devices will be placed under the scalp surrounding the scar and fluid expanded once a week for 3-6 weeks until enough tissue is requited.
2. Removal of the expanders   and the skin graft ,advancement of the requited tissue and surgical closure which will leave linear scars.
Cons: This is a long proces associated with discomfort.Two surgical procedures will be needed. If the insurance does not cover this it will be expensive.

Less invasive;
1.Stem cells enriched micro fat grafts- limited availability in US due to restrictions imposed by FDA
2.Undermining of the scar and micro fat grafting.
Pros: less invasive, can be a single procedure. Will correct the volume loss and will improve the quality of the grafted skin especially with stem cells enriched micro fat grafts.

Good luck

David Evdokimow MD 

Morristown Plastic Surgeon

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