Is There Any Way That I Could Get Rid of my Wrinkles Permanently?

I have wrinkles around my lips and on my forehead. I used some anti aging creams, they did not get rid of my wrinkles but gave me bad acne. Now I want to get rid of wrinkles as well as pimples. I have heard that there is no permanent treatment for wrinkles but is there anything with longest results like 10 yrs or something close. I've lost the shine on my skin. Maybe because of smoking.

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Permanent wrinkle removal

There is no such thing as a permanent wrinkle remover- buyer beware of such a promise. Even face lifts require re-do's after a certain amount of time. Wrinkles come with age, there are many treatments that are very effective to temporarily minimize them but not to stop them from coming.

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Can wrinkles be permanently eradicated?

Wrinkles:   we earn them with time!  If you want to accelerate your production of wrinkles, then do these things:   smoke, get lots of sun, use tanning beds, eat lots of excess sugars, and grimace as much as possible!   :)  Just kidding.   Seriously, it IS important to try to reduce the rate at which unwanted wrinkles, creases and furrows appear. So these things can help:  (a) protection from excess sun/tanning bed irradiation,  (b) avoid unnecessary frowning,  (c) maintain a healthy diet, (d) avoid cigarette smoke, and (e) choose your parents wisely!      Also using topical therapeutic creams such as tretinoin (Retin-A) and others can help some.  Botox and Dysport injections can also reduce the rate at which new wrinkles form especially in the upper face, brows and crow's feet areas. Once present, skin resurfacing with chemical peels and/or lasers help, but need downtime for healing.   But if you live long enough, there will always be time for wrinkles!  So don't worry-be glad you are still around!  :) 

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Is There Any Way That I Could Get Rid of my Wrinkles Permanently?

Because of the aging process, nothing is permanent.  In our practice we see great wrinkle correction with the DOT Co2 Laser facial resurfacing, combine that with Botox and you should see significant correction.

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