Do You Think There Will Ever Be Something Effective to Erase Stretch Marks?

Do you think in the future there will ever be anything really effective to erase stretch marks? Or it's an impossible dream? I know how stretch marks form, what are their causes and that there is no cure so far, but since medical doctors have access to resources, material that lay people don't have, I thought I was gonna ask if new experiments are being made in this field. I tried lasers, different types, and didn't see any improvement

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Is Earasing Stretch Marks Possiible?

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Hi Togenicha.  We commonly treat stretch marks with lasers and the expectation we set is improvement.  In many cases patients want us to remove the discoloration (red or brown) caused by new stretch marks.  This excess color will sometimes resolve on it's own and sometimes it will not.  We either speed up the removal process or nudge it along when stalled.  The expectations for colored stretch mark removal are always very optimistic.

Textured stretch marks (the indented kind) are more difficult to treat.  We can make progress in decreasing the depth and improving the surface texture of these marks, but we do not set the expectation that they will be gone completely.

Finally, lighter or white stretch marks are the greatest challenge.  Stretch marks are a form of scarring and the skin lightens as it is pulled apart because of the larger surface area created during the formation of the mark.  Although we have tried, there are not good options available for adding color to the skin for white stretch marks.

We hope that further progress is made on improving treatments for stretch marks, but we have not seen anything new in the past several years.  We are also in Los Angeles so if you would like to consider other options, feel free to contact us by clicking on the link below.

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