Can I Get a Tattoo Done on my Right Hand Where I Got Stitches 3 Years Ago?

On 31 dec 2009 i punched a glass door and my right hand got hurt....i had some fight with my parents. I think my right thumb tendon got cut and it bleeded a lot. After that I am not do a thums up properly with my right thumb....and it has left a c shape scar , which looks extremley ugly whenever I meet someone and shake hands with them. I think covering it up with some decent tattoo is a good way.... please advise appropriately. Thanks in advance

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Scar cover up on the skin - Los Angeles

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Tattoo or permanent makeup is one of a number of options, including laser, to improve the scars that occur on the skin. For dark scars, I advise patients to begin Melarase creams.  Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

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