What is the best treatment for this type of static wrinkles? (photos)

I am a 37 year old male. Over the last couple of years this wrinkle has become more prominent. Although this is predominantly on my left side, I am now starting to see this same static wrinkle develop on the right side of my face. What treatment is best to reduce (or ideally completely get rid of) these types of wrinkles? I not keen on surgery. Thanks.

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Static Lines

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Hi and thank you for your question!

I would suggest laser or energy based treatments to regenerate the collagen and elastin in the area. We really like the Halo or Venus Viva for this type of textural issue. You could also do some filler to replace some of the lost volume as well as trying some Botox or Dysport. Do you sleep on that side? If yes, this could be contributing worsening of this, as well as sun damage. The drivers side will often have more collagen loss so be diligent with your sunscreen and sunglasses.


Dr. Grant Stevens

Eye wrinkles

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To treat your wrinkle I would recommend a skin care regiment that would include glycolic/hyaluronic acids and retinols.  You might also consider Botox treatments.  I would consult with a board certified cosmetic surgeon to discuss your options.

Eye Wrinkles.

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These wrinkles are due to sun damage and repeated contraction of your eye muscles.  You can rebuild the collagen in the skin with a retinol and help it along with some Botox.

Static wrinkles around eyes

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There are a couple approaches for this: Filler or laser/Infini. A combo therapy would be best. Others might suggest PRP but I don't think the results will be as good. Also microneedling can be done but it will take many sessions. A good eye cream with growth factors and Retin A is also needed and will improve things as well.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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