Surgical Removal of Stretch Marks in my Situation Feasible?

I'm a 23-year-old mom, 5'2" 114lbs and very active. After giving birth to my first child, I had a severe reaction to antibiotics. The baby dropped, cutting my circulation and my antibiotic caused severe swelling from my hips to feet. My skin snapped! I am still--6 years later--covered in deep slicing stretch marks from my hips to my ankles. Very bad inner thigh and behind my calf. These marks are still purple and look like I was knifed. How realistic is it to think that surgical removal would be a proper fix for this? Can that much skin be removed without killing me or cause an infection?

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Removal of stretch marks with surgery

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There is no single procedure that will eradicate stretch marks without surgery. All procedures known to improve stretch marks will qualitatively improve the texture and quality of the skin. Surgery, although not the best option, can remove stretch marks but must be designed to minimize visible scars.

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