Sun Spot or Something Else?

Within the past month a spot on the side of my face has been darkening in coloring and growing in size. It is on the side of my face near my upper cheekbone. I've had people comment that it looks like someone punched me in the face and I am left with a light bruise. I have a similar mark on the other side of my face that grew in size and color, but appeared more brown than bruised. I was wondering if these sound like sunspots or something else? I’m scheduled to see a dermatologist soon.

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answer depends on your age...assuming you're a young to middle-aged lady, the best bet is sun related...either a so-called liver spot or the sun and hormone caused condition known as the mask of pregnancy (most frequently occurring in non-pregnant women)...melanoma and other bad things don't tend to noticeably grow within such a short period...of course if there's been an injury or if you're taking a blood thinner, that's a different bet, protect yourself from the sun with a brood-brimmed hat and some sunscreen...but remember the hat is much more important

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