Stretch Marks and Smart Lipo

I am currently 5'4" and I weigh 140 lbs. I have had two children and I had an umblical hernia repair four years ago with mesh after the birth of my second child. Am I not a good candidate for SmartLipo due to my stretch marks and possible laxity? I have this pooch that will not go away with no amount of exercise, dieting or eating correctly. My goal is to look better in my existing clothes by having the fat removed, but any amount of tightening from a procedure would be a plus.

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Mommy makeover - abdominoplasty

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According to present day plastic surgery lore there are 5 types of abdomens
1 - requires no surgical treatment
2 - is best treated with liposuction only
3 - is best treated with a combination of liposuction & a mini abdominoplasty/tummy tuck
4 - is best treated with a combination of liposuction & a modified abdominoplasty/tummy tuck
5 - is best treated with a combination of liposuction & a standard abdominoplasty.
In relatively few cases there is little or no liposuction needed in a specific patient who lies in one of these categories.

Which category you are in depends on the relative amounts of excess skin/fat vs. abdominal muscle laxity you have above vs. below the navel. There are some good plastic surgeons who believe 4 should not exist. Also, there are probably naturalists, trainers, etc. out there who believe none of these should exist except 1. My experience & training lead me to believe that all 5 are valid & that diet & exercise can be combined with any of the 5. This photo from only one angle and your previous surgery make it difficult to categorize you without a face to face examination.

The end result of liposuction or weight loss in turn is dependent on the ability of the skin left behind to shrink. Excess skin is more of a problem. Its ability to shrink after liposuction, pregnancy, large weight loss (decrease in the amount of fat under the skin) or decrease in underlying muscle mass is dependent on
age, genetic makeup & how much shrinkage is required to get the desired result. If you need a lot of shrinkage, especially if you are older, it just doesn't happen. Not even exercise can shrink this skin. The result is flabby wrinkled skin that may have stretch marks.These people require surgical removal of the excess skin because once the skin has been stretched beyond a certain limit it will not shrink much like an overstretched rubber band that has lost its elasticity as is evidenced by the presence of stretchmarks. No type of liposuction can shrink this skin.

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