Stretch Marks After Reconstructive Surgery?

I recently had reconstructive surgery from breast cancer which I had 10 years ago. I had the diep flap procedure done and I had stretch marks on my belly and now I have them on my breasts. I plan on having lypo suction to make them larger in a few months from now. would doing that improve the appearance of the stretch marks on my breasts. Please, I need an answer because this is very upsetting to me.

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Stretch marks

There is no good treatment of stretch marks.

Liposuction does not change or treat stretch marks. Discuss with your doctor before proceeding with surgery.

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Stretch marks are unlikely to change

Thanks for your question. Without seeing your picture it is hard to know for sure. If abdominal stretch marks were "transplanted" to your chest for breast reconstruction, then they likely will not completely go away. They can however fade with time as the swelling of the flap subsides. Your surgeon should be able to describe this and set your expectations appropriately. Your mentioned you were having liposuction to make them larger. I'm assuming you are talking about fat grafting. If that is the case then the stretch marks can actually stretch and become more pronounced. I would visit with your surgeon about this. Best of luck!

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