What Strength Trentinoin Cream Can Be Used on Upper/lower Eyelid Wrinkles?

I have been using tretinoin .025% on my face for a week now for sundamage treatment, but I am more concerned about the terrible premature eyelid wrinkling/under eye wrinkles & hyperpigmentation of the eyelids. I have developed over the past year from tanning beds. I am 20 and am incredibly unhappy with how old my eyes look. Since I feel as though the cream is helping the rest of my face, would it be okay to apply to my eyelids, or should I get a less strong version? What else can i do?

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Tretinoin for eyelid skin

Tretinoin can be very irritating.  There are few people that can tolerate it on their eyelid skin.  I usually recommend starting with retinol (an over-the-counter, lesser strength version) every other night and increase to nightly as tolerated.  If your eyes become red, itchy, sensitive, stop the medication until symptoms resolve.

From your pic, it looks like you rub your eyes a lot.  Rubbing can cause exaggerated wrinkles and darkening of the skin.  People with seasonal allergies or dermatitis often rub their eyes frequently.

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Tretinoin can be used cautiously on the eyelids

It's best to use Renova which has a moisturizing base to it, rather than generic tretinoin.  Go slowly using it every other night to the sensitive areas to see if your skin can tolerate it.  Best to you

Carolyn Jacob, MD
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