Can Stretch Marks be Removed Surgically?

i am currently loosing weight i have a long way to go but i have stretch marks on my arms,thighs,stomach, and breast. i was wondering is a body lift a best way to remove these stretch marks ? ... if not what other surgery available

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Stretch marks, lasers, vnbeam, fraxel

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Depends on how much weight you will loose, you will need to be evaluated by a plastic surgeon whether you will need a body lift for removing excessive sagging skin. Any stretch mark in the excess skin removed, offcourse will be gone. For remaining areas of stretch marks the skin lasers can help lessen the stretch marks. We use Vbeam, Fraxel or other lasers to treat the stretch marks and have achieved excellent results in the past. We published our research on over 100 patients. Patients are generally quite satisfied. A consultation is ofcouse is required.

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Stretchmarks after weight loss

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The body lift removes excess skin. If there are stretchmarks on the skin that is removed then they go as well. Stretchmarks adjacent to the removed skin however stay. Depending on the type of stretchmark the remaining ones can become more visible as well.

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