Stopping Invisalign Treatment Because of TMJ

My ortho said invisalign could have been the root of my TMJ problem. His plan is 1.stop treatment and move me into retainers giving me back $1000 and paying the cost of my retainters 2. change the type of treatment, moving into braces (not sure if he will cover that cost) Which option is best?

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Invisalign opens the bite which rarely causes TMJ syndrome.

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Please get a second opinion. You could move only one arch at a time. Its not the best way to go but maybe your bite is too open. If you are grinding your teeth and its causing TMJ that will go away with time and should diminish. Did you have TMJ pain before treatment started? Do you have a deep overbite?

These are all the quesions that need to be answered before you stop treatment. I don't like either option you provided and have NEVER done either to any of my patients. Seems like he doesn't know what to do and he just wants your treatment to end. That's why I recommend a second opinion and possibly transfer your case to an orthodontist that knows TMJ.

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