Is Frequent Urination a Side Effect of SmartLipo MPX?

Is it normal to pee EVERY hour after having Smart Lipo MPX Vaser procedure done? I got my 1st Smart Lipo done 5 days ago and another touch-up this morning. And I have been peeing a lot since day 1. I'm wondering, does the fat actually go out of the body thru the pee, or it's just a plain pee? My upper stomach still looks big, I'm hoping it's all water there that I can pee it out.

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No, frequent urination is more likely to be a urinary infection. Check with your doctor.

No, frequent urination is more likely to be a urinary infection.  Check with your doctor.  There are other causes as well, but this is not typically caused by Smart Lipo.

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Side effects of Smartlipo

This may be caused from the draining that goes along with Smartlipo, but follow up with your surgeon to get all your questions answered properly.

Bruce E. Katz, MD
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