Skin Products That Would Best Help with my Acne?

I have acne problems and it comes and goes. At times it seems to be clearing up, and only brown spots are left on my face, but as my face seems to be healing and the brown spots getting lighter, I breakout again. I'm afraid to get any laser or surgical procedures done, so I'd rather go with something much simpler. Will facial peels over the counter good for me? If so, which ones? Will Sheer cover make-up be helpful in my case?

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Acne treatment

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Your case is very common. I would first of all start by not picking or squeezing the acne. I would not recommend a peel at this time. Avoid using makeup and don't get in the habit of covering, which can cause future breakouts. Begin a simple regimen, like a Salicylic acid containing wash like Neutrogena's oil-free acne kit. Careful with the sun, for sun exposure will make the dark spots darker. Give this one month's try and then let me know.

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