I Have Skin Issues All over my Face Back and Chest I Think It is PIH? (photo)

I am a 27 year old south Asian (brown). I have marks and pigmentation all over my face back and chest now. I think it is PIH. I want to get rid of it now. I have never had any treatments done on it before but am considering my options now. I use a sun block everyday but i notice that these marks are not reducing at all. I need help because i am getting married in 3 months now. thankyou

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You have spots of hyperpigmentation

PIH, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, is a term generally reserved for post-laser or post-chemical peel skin darkening, usually in darker skinned individuals.  You are "south Asian" so you are at risk.  The best thing you can do is sun block and hydroquinone topical therapy (4% or higher).  Consult with a board certified PS or derm.  Makeup will help at wedding time.  Time will help, but also the underlying cause needs to be fixed (acne...).  Best of luck to you.

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