Skin Damage Reversible with Young Skin?

When I was 15 I got overwhelmed with one pimple. So I washed my face and than when it was dry I would scratch my whole face while it was flaky, that ruined my skin. After having lots of acne, my face is leathery but I don't have deep scars. They are above the skin. I also have large pores and my face is always red. I have not had a social life since than. I don't go outside either because it looks horrible when the sun is on my face. Please help. I am 18.

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You have two main problems: 1. you are disrupting the protective lipid barrier of your skin, which will lead to inflammation and dehydration and 2. you are not protecting your skin from ultraviolet light.

So: 1. use an gentle emollient cleanser with tepid water and stop picking and 2. use a broad spectrum SPF every single day.

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