Can Silicone Ointments or Scar Creams Remove my Herpes Zoster?

i have this since im 9 years old and now im 20! its not that big as what ive seen on the net it covers my left chest and leave a small lump in my chest its ugly that i cant do normal people do :( Is there anything that will help this?

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Herpes zoster

Your history is confusing and without seeing a photo or hearing more of your history it is not possible to comment on your condition. Herpes Zoster, is referred to also as Shingles. It is rare to have it recur, but if it does, the rash itself does not persist. Rare episodes of scarring do occur and this can be thin and depressed scars, or raised hypertrohic scars, especially on the chest. If you have a frequently recurrent condition that you are trying to describe, that actually goes away and comes back, then it might be Herpes Simplex, otherwise called a cold sore or fever blister.

Silastic gel sheeting dressings used for raised scars can be used if your condition is a hypertrophic scar, but if you actually get recurrent herpes simplex virus eruptions wtih blisters that eventually scab, you do not want to cover it with such a scar dressing. You should see a dermatologist to evaluate your condition and obtain the most accurate diagnosis and best treatment plan.

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